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Bride | Tallon + Donnie

Bride | Tallon + Donnie

Tallon + Donnie

-Liesel Schmidt

Tallon Connor and Donnie Elmore’s story is a little bit country…and a whole lotta love.

It was at a country music concert, in fact, that the two first met, through mutual friends who had been trying to set them up—though that first meeting didn’t quite seal the deal. Sparks flew, phone numbers were exchanged and daily texts ensued, but still Tallon didn’t quite feel ready to date. It wasn’t until a few months later, when they ran into each other at a restaurant, that Tallon realized she was finally ready to let Donnie into her life.

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Just over three years later, it was clear that they were not just in each other’s lives—but in one another’s hearts—forever. “We were at Oso early one morning having brunch with our friends, and my stepdad texted me that he’d just caught the biggest fish off the dock and to come look at it after we were done eating,” Tallon recalls. “The two of us have a little competition for who will catch the biggest fish, so we rushed to my parents’ house. I’m high tailing it down to the dock, and Donnie can barely keep up with me. My stepdad, mom and all of our friends were there, and when went to open the cooler, and heard Donnie say, ‘I don’t want to call you Tallon Connor anymore.’ I turned around, and he was on one knee with tears in his eyes. My knees gave out on me, and I just fell down and said, ‘Yes! Yes!’ I remember countless nights that I cried on that dock over past relationships, and it was the one place that I would go to just sit and reflect. All the bad and hard things that this place use to be my escape from is now a place of forever gratefulness and genuine love.”

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