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PYSK | Penny Groux

PYSK | Penny Groux

PYSK: Penny Groux

-Liesel Schmidt

While some people put in so many hours at the office that they “practically live at work,” Penny Groux literally lived at Perdido Beach Resort during the week for the first 13 years she worked for the company. On weekends, she would drive home to her husband and kids in Huntsville, Alabama, to spend time with them. “The hotel truly has been a ‘home away from home’ for a long time,” says Groux, who joined the staff at Perdido Beach Resort in 2000. 

In 2013, when both of Groux’s daughters finished school and her husband was able to get the house sold, the couple officially moved to Perdido Key to stay. “What’s not to love?” poses Groux, whose husband, Karl, is now general manager at the hotel. “I live at the beach, I have a terrific job, I get to work with family and extended family, and no two days are alike.”  

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Indeed, they are not. Over the course of her career, Groux has worked her way through a number of positions, first starting as a technical recruiter for Intergraph and moving up through the ranks to become the executive director of Worldwide Corporate Human Resources, responsible for all HR functions across the globe. “It really was an awesome job,” Groux notes. “However, my number one commitment was to the founders of the company, who also happened to be the owners of Perdido Beach Resort. I basically followed them here and went from high-tech to high-touch.” 

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