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Bride | Sarah + Blake

Bride | Sarah + Blake

Sarah + Blake

-Liesel Schmidt

Sarah Morgan had just moved back to her hometown in Baldwin Country in 2021 when she took a trip to Houston, Texas, to visit a friend. Little did she know that, when she went with that friend to a concert, she would be introduced to the man she would later fall in love with…

…and three weeks later, Blake Broussard was meeting Sarah at the half-way point of New Orleans, Louisiana, for their first official date. Nine months passed, and the stars aligned again to change the couple’s lives forever—in one perfect moment. “Blake had purchased my engagement ring in June and was planning the perfect moment to pop the question,” says Sarah. “He held on to it for two months, and then, on August 4, 2022, I decided to take a pregnancy test after having felt ill for a few days. The test came up positive, and I rushed upstairs to Blake’s home office to tell him the exciting news. At that same moment, he reached into his desk drawer, pulled out the ring box and got down on one knee.”

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Another perfect moment was created on November 4, 2023, when Sarah dressed in a form-fitting lace gown with a detachable overskirt to walk down the aisle at The Veranda at The Preserve in Elberta, Alabama, and exchange vows with Blake—for the second time. “Blake and I had actually gotten married at our local courthouse in Houston, Texas, one year prior in 2022,” explains Sarah. “Still, we wanted a celebration with family and friends, so the ceremony was a vow renewal, and we had our seven-month-old daughter, Lemon, as one of our five flower girls. Blake’s uncle, Mike Sprawls, was our officiant and preformed a beautiful ceremony. My maid-of-honor and best friend, Jordan Capers, was also our wedding planner and coordinator through her company Cloud Nine Design Agency, and she put together the wedding of our dreams. We really wanted our focus to be on bringing all our closest friends and family together for a grand celebration.”

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