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Community Leader: Phillip Harris

Community Leader: Phillip Harris

Philip Harris’s journey in public service began in 2001 when Mayor David Bodenhamer appointed him to the planning commission. By 2004, his community’s trust led to his election to the Gulf Shores City Council.

Philip’s desire to serve was deeply rooted in his upbringing. His father, George Harris Sr., served on the Gulf Shores City Council for several years. Watching his father’s commitment to the community inspired Philip to get involved. After his father’s passing, Philip felt a renewed calling to honor his father’s legacy.

Philip’s political career has been both challenging and rewarding. He quickly learned that public service was a significant responsibility. He understood that elected officials had the power to shape the community’s future. This realization made him focus on the greater good, always considering the needs of all residents.

Philip and his wife, Jill, moved to Gulf Shores in 1986 to help open their family’s restaurant, Nolan’s. By 1995, Philip had started his construction company, Philip Harris Construction. His business experience gave him a unique perspective on the city council, balancing the needs of businesses with those of the community. Philip and Jill have three children and seven grandchildren residing in the area as well.

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