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Supermom: Crawford McWilliams

Supermom: Crawford McWilliams

In the sun-kissed haven of Orange Beach, Alabama, Crawford McWilliams leads a vibrant life marked by her diverse roles. A University of Alabama graduate with a degree in Interior Design, Crawford transitioned to art after her mother’s untimely passing, channeling her grief into creating mesmerizing abstract paintings filled with vibrant colors and playful designs.

Crawford co-founded Girls on the Gulf, a successful social media marketing and lifestyle business aimed at helping local enterprises thrive in the digital age. Additionally, she serves as the firm administrator for The Law Offices of Brenton C. McWilliams, specializing in Wills and Estate Planning.

Central to Crawford’s life is her beloved family—her husband Brenton and their daughter, Shreve. Born prematurely and diagnosed with CTNNB1 syndrome, a rare genetic disorder affecting her mobility and speech development, Shreve’s challenges are met with Crawford’s unwavering love and joy. Despite the many appointments at Children’s in Birmingham or CHOP in Philadelphia, the family cherishes moments of simplicity and tradition. Shreve, an enthusiastic traveler, has already been on about forty flights, delighting fellow travelers with her greetings, a cherished family ritual.

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