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Social Yachting | A Life at Ease

Social Yachting | A Life at Ease

A Life At Ease

-Liesel Schmidt

Whether it’s a sprawling suburban mansion or a cramped city apartment, home is where we find comfort, a place we sleep and eat and go about our daily ministrations. It gives us refuge and a resting place and feels welcoming to our soul. To quote commonly used idioms, Home is where the heart is, the place we hang our hats—figuratively or otherwise. In the case of part-time Orange Beach residents Larry Sloan and Kim Gordon, those hats are sometimes splashed with salt water and the airborne remnants of fish guts, and that resting place isn’t always so restful—especially when the waters are choppy.

Granted, the 76-ft Lazzara motor yacht named At Ease is hardly the couple’s actual home. But with the amount of time the sea loving south Alabamians spend aboard this luxurious vessel, At Ease could well be considered one of their homes away from home.

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Complete with quartz countertops, sleek custom white cabinetry, warm teak flooring and almost every kitchen appliance one could think of, the galley overlooking the comfortably appointed salon is hardly sparse, boasting features that one would expect only in traditional homes. It’s amazing to contemplate the capabilities of this cooking space, to consider the fact that what’s on the menu might have been caught mere hours before, reeled in from the railings of the decks that gleam under the sunlight right outside the door.

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