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PYSK | Margaret Roley

PYSK | Margaret Roley

PYSK: Margaret Rowley

-Liesel Schmidt

With the seemingly rising number of diseases, epidemics, and serious medical issues over the past few years, healthcare is an incredibly challenging field. That said, to take on the role as CEO of a hospital takes a great deal of dedication, foresight and understanding—all qualities that Margaret Roley has brought to her position at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center, using her position and deep knowledge of the healthcare industry to serve the needs of the community in the best way possible.

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Holding more than 30 years of healthcare experience in Baldwin County, when Roley took on her role as CEO at South Baldwin Regional Medical Center in 2022, the former Chief Nursing Officer brought invaluable experience to the position. “My responsibilities as CEO include the care that is provided within the organization and across the community,” Roley explains. “My job is to listen to everyone employed in the organization, living in the area or just visiting, and make sure that excellent care is provided for all, at all times.”

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