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Supermom: Meagan Hoven

Supermom: Meagan Hoven

-Liesel Schmidt

Family is a big part of Meagan Hoven’s life—both professionally and personally. 

Her work day involves wearing a lot of hats within her family’s businesses, Tacky Jack’s and Skipper Enterprises—the latter of which manages family land in addition to maintaining and building roads as well as executing controlled burns. “I tend to go where I’m needed,” says Hoven. “I’m part of the office management side as well as part of the company’s community involvement. I’ve done a little bit everything and even drove an off-road dump truck, hauling dirt to build roads, for a couple summers in high school.”

Now raising three girls with her husband, Kipp, Hoven adds the many hats of motherhood to her daily rotation. “Life is so busy!” she says. “It’s a juggling act. I’m always trying to plan and organize so that I maximize my time between work and family, but these categories tend to overlap, because I work in our family’s businesses. As busy as it can be, however, I think that my being a working mom shows my girls that you can work and still be a very involved parent. I hope they will eventually understand why I do all the planning and organizing that I do—so that I can do my best to get everything at work done and still be 100 percent present for my family.”

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Being present for her three girls is important to Hoven—and her dedication to them is something that she hopes they always feel and remember. “I want them to be able to look back and remember me always being there when they needed me and know that I always will be there for them,” she says.  

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